Punk Out

Punk Out is is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to connecting and supporting LGBTQ+ musicians and fans through music. We do this by driving conversation into more productive and respectful avenues, provide networking opportunities to LGBTQ+ musicians and their fans, provide resources to aid in the coming-out process, and encourage LGBTQ+ musicians to be more visible. They do this through supporting LGBTQ+ organizations both financially and ideologically, getting our name out into the public sphere, and by creating projects to shine a light on the issues facing LGBTQ+ musicians and their fans. 

The "Blog" and "Artist Corner" are spaces for Punk Out team members and musicians to speak independently on any topic that pertains to what we term the "3 I's." Those "3 I's" are: inclusion, inspiration, and identity. The opinions expressed via those platforms are solely of the author and do not reflect the opinions of Punk Out. We believe in the power of conversation and both our Blog and Artist Corner are platforms for conversations.

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  • 2015 Songs We Love

    Music means a great deal to us (obviously), so we at Punk Out selected a few songs that had an impact on us this past year. It was a great year for new music, so here are some of our favorites.
  • Azealia Releases "Count Contessa" Music Video

    Azealia Banks is no stranger to controversery. The bisexual artist has starred in her share of news stories. But, as our own Terrence Liggins argues, despite all the tabloids, Banks remains a staunch advocate for not only feminism, but also queer people of color.
  • Autumn Albums - 10 Years Later

    Fun fact...it's not Winter yet. But, the season of absolute miser, uh, pure glacial glory is fast approaching. Soooo, we here at Team PO HQ decided to take a look back at some Autumn albums that celebrated their 10th birthday recently. Take a gander...