Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

Move Beyond: Dance Against Bullying is a social media campaign for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago that focuses on raising awareness within school while also bringing more attention to the famous dance company. The goal of the social media campaign was to:

  • Raise enough money to make Move Beyond a permanent program at Hubbard Street
  • Include more schools in the surrounding area
  • Help children in schools with bullying
  • Spread the information  to get more people involved
  • Enhance Hubbard Street's image by showing the community that they care about current social issues.

This campaign was a project for my Social Change Communications class. The course focused on using emerging communication strategies and techniques to promote social causes and issues. We looked at the inextricable link between public opinion and communication. Through analyses of social causes and issues, we explored how those practices created an impact in areas like social welfare, health, energy, gender, and multiculturalism.

We were given the client of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. We were then given the challenge of creating a social issue that the company would stand behind and create a social media campaign for it. The campaign would then be presented and judged by Zachary Whittenburg, Manager of Communications for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. This campaign won 1st place; beating our four (4) competitors. 

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Team Members included: Alaina Selvaggio, Paul McCormack, Nya Jones, and Katherine Tallis